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MIRA - Personal Media Meter

"Evoluzione Mira Personal media meter

Mira the first personal media audience measurement meter for cross-platform and market research. A technological leadership that_ earned Knowmark _ the patent (No. 0001393620). It can be installed on smartphones and tablets and the latest generation of PC. It 'the first mobile device and residential, can translate into real information behavior and needs of consumers to serve the whole industry of market research, monitoring specifically Radio, TV, Web and public places.

Mira Personal Media Meter Mira allows you to track with extreme accuracy the use of TV, radio and the web in double modes: active (inside the device) and passive (environmental registration of the average received).

It is based on the primary principle for which the acquired data are detected by the same media used by the user. And 'the only personal media meter to use a smartphone with all the integrated services, only to operate in dual mode (active / passive), only to use the acoustic fingerprint and integrate the georeferencing of the event, only to manage questionnaires also in mobility, and finally allows voice / data prepaid for the user. Mira provides a comprehensive analysis of the consumption of the individual, being always in step with the technological developments in the market, thanks to an advanced, innovative and exclusive design.


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Mira PMM

The Personal Media Meter patented by Knowmark.